Friday, September 19, 2008

You Strip...the Tab is on Me!

Lately, every where I go, all I see is women wearing false eyelashes. And..I do mean every where! Now, some of my fellow ladies look great, and some..well..let's just leave it at that.

People.. there is an art to putting on falsies. To start, decide if you want to apply strip lashes or individual lashes. What's the difference?...your personal preference for the look, longevity, and your skill level.

  • Strip Lashes are lashes pre made onto a band and they come in pairs: one for each eye (obviously). Strips are temporary; they should be removed when you remove your makeup for the night. They are reusable, so keep them clean and place back in the package until the next use.
  • Individuals are either single strand or clusters with about five strands on each knot. Individual lashes are semi permanent, this method of application is called Tabbing. This type of eyelash application may last up to six weeks, lashes fall off as your own natural lashes fall out.
For some, strip lashes are easier to apply than individuals. Just be patient, practice, and have fun.