Wednesday, September 24, 2008

..Too Broke to Relax?

Tell me..What do you ladies do when it is time for a relaxer touch-up, but you are BROKE 'til payday!

Well, here is what I do for myself and clients... To start, give yourself a good hair treatment to condition the hair for relaxing. I prefer protein treatments because they give the hair the extra strength required to sustain after chemicals.

Remember: Hair is composed of protein (keratin), and relaxers (and other chemicals) deplete the hair of that protein during processing.

So, it is always better to "stock up" on protein BEFORE chemical services. Also, always follow up protein treatments with a good moisturizing conditioner that will leave your hair very manageable. Aphogee has a great protein and moisturizing treatment; and can be found at most beauty supply stores. (Please read directions carefully to ensure proper application)

Next, after you have shampooed and conditioned the hair, proceed to style as usual. Ok..I know this is where the problem begins, so follow these steps to ensure pleasant results.
  • Apply a leave in conditioner and styling foam to wet hair. (I use Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Conditioner alone or with Salon Finish Foam)
  • Comb through the hair to evenly distribute the products.
  • Comb wet hair in the direction that the hair will be worn. Ex. if you are going to wear your hair styled going to the back, then comb the wet hair to the back. If you are going to wear your hair with a side part, then put a side part in your hair while it is wet.
  • Allow hair to air dry or take the hair dryer and blow the hair without combing 'til it is about 70-80% dry (still damp, but not soaking wet).
  • Blow dry the hair on high setting with a large DENMAN 9-row brush. (this brush is EXCELLENT for straightening and detangling WITHOUT pulling out your hair).
  • Use a cutting comb (comb that has teeth spaced closely together) to blow dry at the hairline, nape and throughout the head. This will help to straighten out the kinks.
  • Apply a couple of drops of hair oil to the palm of your hands, massage into your hands rubbing to the finger tips. Lightly rub oil from your hands throughout your hair (start with a very little amount, adding more only if required). I use Olive Oil or BBD's Keala Oil .
  • Blow dry through the hair again to get hair smoother. Don't forget to comb hair in the direction that it will be styled.
  • Use a good flat iron to straighten or curl hair into desired style. The key here is to section hair with clips for control and make thin partings. ( CHI flat irons are great and FHI are too; currently I am using the FHI 1")
  • Make sure that you sleep with a satin scarf, bonnet, or pillow case to help keep the hair cuticles smooth.

Your hair will look great! ...and will be in top shape 'til your money get right for that relaxer. :-)

Good Luck,



My Fashion Frenzy said...

Your blog is so cool, sis. Keep up the great work! =)

Lovely Lady Luxe said...

Is that you in that pic? You look so vibrant in that purple. Love IT! I'm natural now but one time when I was relaxed, I was so broke and needed a touch up so BAD! So I spent all the $2 bills I was saving as a part of my coin collection to buy my perm. The CVS cashier was looking at me all cross-eyed when I handed her all those bills but I didn't care, girl! Nothing was going to keep me from my touch-up! It was OH-SO-SERIOUS! LOL!

Blush said...

LOL...Yes thats me in the pic,looking crazy. and yeah when its time for a touch-up "all bets are off"! hahaha