Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What is the Best Relaxer for My Hair?

Well..that is a loaded question!

First, let me start by saying that it depends on your hair type, condition, and scalp sensitivities.

Yes...scalp sensitivities! Some relaxers are very strong and can do major damage to sensitive scalps. One way to increase scalp protection is to use a base, which is a protective barrier cream. Second, is to use the right product at the correct strength.

My favorite relaxer is Mizani Butter Blend. This is the best relaxer that I have tried. I'm African American with excessively curly/kinky hair; so I use the regular/normal strength relaxer. Me personally, I prefer this relaxer because it is not harsh on the scalp (and Yes I still base my scalp with ALL relaxers) and it leaves the hair so silky and smooth.

I find that the integrity and overall health of the hair and scalp is in excellent condition after using this product. Note: This is a professional product, and should be applied by a professional. For all of you kitchen stylist...seek professional guidance. Remember, a relaxer is a chemical that forever alters the structure of your hair!