Monday, September 29, 2008

Imagine a Day Filled with Extasi

Wow! I had the privilege to enjoy a day of Extasi....
Today, I attended a hair class at Jordan's Beauty Supply. The Short Hair Styling class was presented by Curtis Wilson, owner and manufacturer of Extasi hair products. Here he introduced us to his lovely assistant, Toccara, whom provided the class with a good display of technical "know-how"...the girl was good. While her dress and presentation skills need further polishing, her friendly personality and hair styling abilities are perfect.

Here are some of the products that I had the opportunity to experience:

  • Extasi Forming Foam: Toccara shampooed and styled two models w/ short hair, and neither one of her models were under the dryer for more than 20 min. (Note: she did not use a neck strip) This is the perfect product for molding and wrapping your hair.
  • Extasi European Design Spritz: The Hold factor is light and the fragrance is very aromatic..smells so good. Both models hair were firmly in place, but sort and flexible to the touch. (hair lasts longer when it is not too hard and "frozen")

I placed an order for the Extasi products, so I should receive them later this week.

This is a professional hair product line, therefore, you will need to ask your stylist to retail this item or find a retail outlet. If you live in Chicago you can get these products at Jordans Beauty Supply; they now have two locations.